Frequently Asked Questions


How will my $1 per month impact me and my family specifically?

Our goal is to bridge the equity gap, which will help produce equality. While you may not specifically see a direct impact, you will start to see better performing schools in your community; more community program; more job opportunities; and less crime.

How are the nonprofit organizations chosen that the OTVF supports?

Like any other foundation, the OTVF will have an application process, were organizations will have to show how the funds will positively impact communities. Our goal is support organizations that directly support the community.

Why did the foundation choose these pillars?

Like building a house, you have to have to have a foundation, walls, a roof, windows and doors. Similarly, to build an infrastructure, we must build it with pillars that will complement each other.


Can I donate my $12 upfront?

Yes, you can donate however you see fit, and the amount you see fit.

Do you truly expect all 44 million Black people in America to participate?

This is our goal. If it takes time to get there so be it; however, we will do the work will 1 million, or 44 million. It is time to make America great FINALLY.

Does the foundation accept donations from other groups?

Of course. We live is a diverse community. Our work ultimately benefits the nation, and the world as a whole. Anyone who feel the inequity created by this nation is wrong, is encouraged to support the movement.

There are several organizations that have tried similar concepts, why should I put my money towards OTV?

Our goal is to be the glue to put the infrastructure together.  We believe our plan removes EGO from the equations, which is part of the reason may organizations have failed in the past. It is important for us to collaborate with like-minded groups to create a shift like never seen before.